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Volume 20 Supplement 1

Sepsis 2016

Publication of this supplement was funded by the International Sepsis Forum.

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  1. Content type: Meeting Abstracts

    P1 D-Dimer in adult patients with presumed sepsis and their clinical outcomes

    Authors: Surinder Kumar Sharma, Anurag Rohatgi, Mansi Bajaj, Charles L. Sprung, Ricardo Calderon Morales, Harvey Kasdan, Allon Reiter, Tobias Volker, Julien Meissonnier, Natalia Beloborodova, Viktor Moroz, Aleksandra Bedova, Yulia Sarshor, Artem Osipov, Katerina Chernevskaya, Nadezhda Fedotcheva…

    Citation: Critical Care 2016 20(Suppl 1):45

    Published on: