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Volume 19 Supplement 3

Future of Critical Care Medicine (FCCM) 2014


Edited by John Marini and Jean-Louis Vincent

This supplement is based on presentations from the Future of Critical Care Medicine (FCCM) 2015 symposium. The articles have been through the journal's standard peer review process for supplements. The Supplement Editors declare that they have no competing interests. Publication of this supplement was supported by Fresenius Kabi.

Future of Critical Care Medicine (FCCM) 2014.

Lagenfield, Austria11-12 December 2014

  1. Medical practice is rooted in our dependence on the best available evidence from incremental scientific experimentation and rigorous clinical trials. Progress toward determining the true worth of ongoing pract...

    Authors: John J Marini, Luciano Gattinoni, Can Ince, Sibylle Kozek-Langenecker, Ravindra L Mehta, Claude Pichard, Martin Westphal, Paul Wischmeyer and Jean-Louis Vincent
    Citation: Critical Care 2015 19(Suppl 3):S1
  2. Sensitive monitoring should be used when prescribing intravenous fluids for volume resuscitation. The extent and duration of tissue hypoperfusion determine the severity of cellular damage, which should be kept...

    Authors: Sibylle A Kozek-Langenecker
    Citation: Critical Care 2015 19(Suppl 3):S2
  3. This review emphasizes the benefits of parenteral nutrition (PN) in critically ill patients, when prescribed for relevant indications, in adequate quantities, and in due time.

    Authors: Taku Oshima and Claude Pichard
    Citation: Critical Care 2015 19(Suppl 3):S5
  4. Evidence based medicine is an attempt to optimize the medical decision process through methods primarily based on evidence coming from meta-analyses, systematic reviews, and randomized controlled trials ("evid...

    Authors: Luciano Gattinoni, Eleonora Carlesso and Alessandro Santini
    Citation: Critical Care 2015 19(Suppl 3):S7
  5. Great white sharks are responsible for about 10 cases of death annually worldwide, as compared with millions of deaths caused by sepsis. However, the basic principles of avoiding shark attacks and fighting sep...

    Authors: Martin Westphal and Tim Kampmeier
    Citation: Critical Care 2015 19(Suppl 3):S11