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Erratum to: Immunomodulation after ischemic stroke: potential mechanisms and implications for therapy

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Critical Care201721:256

  • Received: 4 September 2017
  • Accepted: 4 September 2017
  • Published:

The original article was published in Critical Care 2016 20:391

Following publication of this article [1] it came to our attention that we failed to reference a review article by Shim and Wong [2] which influenced our review for Critical Care. We sincerely apologize for this oversight.



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Authors’ Affiliations

Laboratory of Pulmonary Investigation, Carlos Chagas Filho Biophysics, Institute, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Centro de Ciências da Saúde, Avenida Carlos Chagas Filho, s/n, Bloco G-014, Ilha do Fundão, 21941-902 Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil
Department of Surgical Sciences and Integrated Diagnostics, IRCCS AOU San Martino-IST, University of Genoa, Genoa, Italy


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