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Use of CD64 for the diagnosis of sepsis: a case-control study

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Critical Care201014 (Suppl 1) :P32

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  • Public Health
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  • Inflammatory Cytokine
  • Linear Correlation
  • Sofa Score


CD64 is the high-affinity receptor of IgG. It is upregulated by inflammatory cytokines on neutrophils. The upregulation of CD64 is linked with PMN activation in SIRS or sepsis. Our aim is to verify these correlations.


We enrolled 48 ICU critical patients and three groups were created: SIRS- (17), SIRS+ (13), Sepsis (17). We evaluated CD64 X-mean values among the three groups as shown in Figure 1. We used a t test to check the correlation between uprising CD64 and different groups. We verified the correlation CD64/SOFA (Figure 2), WBC, NE, and patients' age using r.

Figure 1

Figure 2


We found a CD64 higher level in sepsis compared with SIRS- (t = 8.095; P < 0.001) and with SIRS+ (t = 4.938; P < 0.001). There were a high positive linear correlation between CD64 and SOFA score (r = 0.806 P < 0.0001), a weak linear positive one with WBC count, a weak linear positive correlation with NE count; no correlation with age.


Our study shows that CD64 can identify SIRS/sepsis. We found a correlation between CD64/SOFA; no influence of WBC, NE and age was detected.

Authors’ Affiliations

University of Palermo, Italy
Fondazione Istituto S. Raffaele, Cefalù, PA, Italy


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