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Fungaemia in the intensive care unit: Baragwanath experience

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Despite advances in the care of the critically ill, fungaemia often remains undiagnosed and caries a high mortality.


To assess the demographics, the morbidity and mortality of patients infected with Candida species.

Materials and methods

The intensive care unit records of 26 patients diagnosed with fungaemia during 1998 were reviewed (eight medical, twelve surgical, six paediatrics).


See Table.


Despite treatment, fungaemia carries a high mortality.The actual mortality of 69% is higher then predicted by the APACHE II/PRISM scores.

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Zeippen, B., Madhi, S. Fungaemia in the intensive care unit: Baragwanath experience. Crit Care 4 (Suppl 1), P85 (2000).

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