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Global assessment of performance of ICUs: a French experience


We conducted research to assess simultaneously patient-related and ICU-related determinants of performance.


A prospective study involving 26 ICUs from a regional network in the Paris area, France (CubRéa), 33,471 patients treated in 1999 and 2000, and 1,000 caregivers (doctor, nurse) from these ICUs. Severity was evaluated by a revised version of SAPS II [1]. Organisational performance was assessed through a composite score related to coordination, communication, conflict management, organizational learning, and skills developed in relationship with patients [2]. We studied the association between clinical performance, measured standardised mortality ratio (SMR), and ICU factors (organisational performance, volume, specialisation, team cultural values and caregiver well-being) by multilevel logistic regression, to account for correlation within ICUs.


The ICUs were heterogeneous (severity, mean workload, volume, specialisation, caregiver/bed ratios). The revised SAPS II gave SMRs between 0.64 and 1.37. Higher values of organisational score were related to team satisfaction-oriented culture, a high workload, and a high level of satisfaction at work. In univariate screening, a higher volume (all patients, ventilated patients) and a higher organisational score were associated with lower SMRs, while the nurse/bed ratio had a rising then decreasing relationship. Multivariate regression retained SAPS II (P < 10-4) then volume (P < 10-3), which were respectively related to upper and lower mortality. The organisational score was borderline (P = 0.09). Sensitivity analysis proved robustness of the results. See Figure 1.

Figure 1
figure 1

Relation between volume and revised standardised mortality ratio (SMR).


Performance is mainly related to the case mix and volume. Outcomes other than death may be more sensible to organisational factors.


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  2. Minvielle E, et al.: J Crit Care., in press.

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