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Is the ratio of lactated to pyrostaphylic acid in cerebral tissue a prognostic index for the outcome of patients with intracerebral hemorrhage?

  • G Paraforos1,
  • E Mavromatidi1,
  • A Chovas1,
  • T Paraforou1,
  • K Katselou2,
  • V Christodoulou1 and
  • A Komnos1
Critical Care200812(Suppl 2):P125

Published: 13 March 2008


Public HealthCatheterLactateEmergency MedicineIntracerebral Hemorrhage


The objective was to correlate the ratio of lactated to pyrostaphylic acid (L/P) with the outcome of patients with intracerebral hemorrhage, according to the Glasgow Outcome Scale (GOS).


ICU patients with spontaneous intracerebral hemorrhage, diagnosed with a brain CT, were enrolled in the study. The inclusion criterion was a GCS on admission <8. An intracranial microdialysis catheter was inserted in cerebral tissue and extracellular brain fluid sample was collected every 2 hours for analysis. A CMA 600 Microdialysis Analyzer was used for measurements. Patients were divided into two groups according to their GOS score 6 months later, group A (GOS 4–5, good outcome) and group B (GOS 1–3, poor outcome). The variable of L/P was dichotomized and a value that was statistically significant correlated to the outcome was investigated. Comparison of the mean value of L/P between the two groups was carried out at a significance level of 95%.


There were 29 patients enrolled in the study, with a mean age of 62 years (± 9.86). Six months later there were six patients in group A (mean L/P value: 34.13 ± 2.64) and 23 patients in group B (mean L/P value: 41.21 ± 16.39). There was a borderline correlation between the L/P value and the outcome between the two groups. Group A with a good outcome had a lower mean L/P ratio value (P = 0.059). All patients with a good outcome had an L/P value lower than 37, whereas all patients with an L/P value greater than 37 had a poor outcome, as is shown in Table 1.
Table 1

Correlation between L/P ratio and GOS scale

L/P ratio

GOS 4–5 (n = 6)

GOS 1–3 (n = 23)

L/P < 37



L/P ≥ 37



Fisher's exact test


P = 0.028


According to our results, the lactated to pyrostaphylic acid ratio is correlated to the outcome of patients with intracerebral hemorrhage, 6 months after admission to the ICU.

Authors’ Affiliations

General Hospital Larisa, Greece
University Hospital of Larisa, Greece


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