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A survey of cardiac output monitoring in intensive care units


We surveyed adult ICUs, looking at cardiac output monitor use with a view to demonstrating a practice change over the last 3 years.


The senior physicians on ICUs in the South of England were surveyed via telephone. Information was collected as to which cardiac output monitors were available for use, which was their first choice and how often they measured cardiac output in severe sepsis.


Forty-nine out of 52 ICUs units contacted completed the survey. Monitor availability can be seen in Figure 1 and use in severe sepsis compared with 2003 can be seen in Table 1.

Figure 1
figure 1


Table 1


Less invasive forms of cardiac output monitor are now used as the first line. A survey in 2005 showed 20% of units still used the PAC as their first-line monitor. This change has been associated with a lower threshold for use in severe sepsis.

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