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Trends of age utilization in intensive care unit resources are matched by the population aging process in Brazil


The QuaTI System, sponsored by AMIB and DIXTAL, is developing an important database for intensive care in Brazil. The QuaTI System offers significant information for the participating ICUs for their continuous improvement, and gives data, although partial, of demographic characteristics of patients seen at participant ICUs. In our country, there is a steady decline in natality and mortality in the past 30 years, showing an irreversible and accelerated aging population process. Life expectancy at birth is 68 years and expectation at 60 years is more 18 years on average. In 1970, 5.07% of the population was older than 60; in 2000, 8.56%; and in 2002, 9.3%. In the South and Southeast, 10.2% of population are more than 60 years old.

Materials and methods

The QuaTI System is formed by 54 ICUs. Descriptive analysis of the database for the period January 2003–June 2004.

Results and discussion

The database contains 17,620 records. We observed a linear growing tendency for all age groups. In the 60–74 years old age group there is a more marked increase in relation to those younger than 60 years old. Patients older than 75 years show an even more accentuated tendency, as shown in Fig. 1. The conditions responsible for this increase are acute myocardial infarction (Fig. 2) and femur fracture. In this database, 58.8% of all records are of patients older than 60 years, 28.7% between 60 and 74 years old, and 30.1% older than 75 years. These findings confirm the trends shown by populational studies in Brazil and call the attention of ICU care providers to develop plans to support this older group of patients with proper care.

Figure 1

Monthly distribution of hospital discharges by age group: QuaTI System, January 2003–June 2004.

Figure 2

Distribution discharge diagnosis: acute myocardial infarction by age group, QuaTI System, January 2003–June 2004.

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