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Effects of abdominal compression on respiratory parameters in normal volunteers


To analyse the effects of 10% and 15% of the baseline abdominal circumference compression with a band in the respiratory rate (RR), tidal volume (TV), forced vital capacity (FVC) and maximal inspiratory pressure (MIP) and maximal expiratory pressure (MEP) in normal volunteers.


Twenty-six normal volunteers, mean age of 24 years, 14 female and 12 male, in spontaneous breathing were submitted to abdominal circumference measurement. Thereafter, we obtained their RR, TV, FVC, MIP and MEP. Then, we repeated the measures after compression of abdomen using an external band to achieve -10% and -15% of the basal abdominal circumference. Then, we took out the band and measured the respiratory parameters again.


See Table 1.

Table 1


The abdominal compression of -10% and -15% with an external band decreased TV, MIP and MEP (the last one only with -5% compression) and did not affect RR and FVC.

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