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Effects of citicoline treatment in patients with isolated head trauma: a randomized trial

Background and goal of study

CDP Choline (CDPC, citicoline) is one of the neuroprotectants used for the clinical and experimental treatment of stroke [1] and brain injury [2]. In the present study the authors examined the effect of citicholine treatment on survival and neurological outcome in patients with brain injury caused by isolated head trauma.

Materials and methods

The study was approved by the institution ethical comity. Twenty-eight patients after head trauma (23 men) were randomly enrolled to typical treatment + citicholine (1 g IV for 14 days) group or typical treatment + placebo group. Glasgow Coma and Glasgow Outcome Scale (GCS, GOS) were used to monitor patients up to 30 days.

Results and discussions

Our preliminary report of the citicoline-treated group shows no correlation between GCS in day 7 (GCS 7) and day 14 (GCS 14). This lack of correlation is interpreted as a result of treatment, and significant correlation between GCS 14 and GCS 21 (r = 0.82; P < 0.007) is interpreted as an expanded effect of treatment to 21 days. In the citicoline group, GCS 21 is significantly correlated with GOS 30 (r = 0.68; P < 0.01) showing the protective effect of the used drug.

Table 1


Our preliminary results suggest that CDPC can be an effective neuroprotective agent in patients with brain injuries following head trauma. Our study has to and will be continued to confirm our data.


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