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Erratum to: Statistics review 3: Hypothesis testing and Pvalues

Critical Care20027:15

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The original article was published in Critical Care 2002 6:222

An erratum to Statistics review 3: Hypothesis testing and Pvalues, by Elise Whitley and Jonathan Ball.

In the original version of this article [1], the words 'if the null hypothesis is true' were omitted from the first sentence of the first key message. The key message should have read as follows:

'A P value is the probability that an observed effect is simply due to chance, if the Null hypothesis is true; it therefore provides a measure of the strength of an association. A P value does not provide any measure of the size of an effect, and cannot be used in isolation to inform clinical judgement.'


Authors’ Affiliations

Lecturer in Medical Statistics, University of Bristol, UK
Lecturer in Intensive Care Medicine, St George's Hospital Medical School, London, UK


  1. Whitley E, Ball J: Statistics review 3: Hypothesis testing and P values. Crit Care. 2002, 6: 222-225. 10.1186/cc1493.PubMed CentralView ArticlePubMedGoogle Scholar


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