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35th International Symposium on Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine

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Could preoperative and postoperative optimal nutrition support modulate the inflammatory response and clinical outcome of severe malnourished surgical patients with gastrointestinal neoplasia?

  • L Mirea1,
  • D Pavelescu1 and
  • I Grintescu1
Critical Care201519(Suppl 1):P396


Published: 16 March 2015


Our aim was to assess whether perioperative and postoperative optimal 7-day nutrition support could modulate the inflammatory status and clinical outcome of severe malnourished patients with surgery for gastrointestinal neoplasia.


A prospective randomized study of 64 patients with gastrointestinal neoplasia, severe malnourished BMI <18.5, albumin level <3 g/dl, BW loss >10%, NRS >3, scheduled for surgery, allocated into two groups. Group A: 32 patients, minimal enteral nutrition in the postoperative period according to tolerance, medium 500 kcal/day. Group B: 32 patients received optimal parenteral nutrition support (25 kcal/kg/day) 3 days before surgery and continued for at least 4 days postoperatively. We measured CRP, fibrinogen, IL-6, TNF, albumin level preoperative and at 96 hours, the incidence of complications, and the length of ICU stay.


There was a significant decrease in the values of CRP, IL-6, TNF, albumin at 96 hours in group B. No difference in fibrinogen. A significantly lower rate of complications and a shorter time of ICU stay were observed in group B. See Figures 1 and 2.
Figure 1

Results 1.

Figure 2

Results 2.


Perioperative optimal nutrition support for at least 7 days could modulate the inflammatory status and clinical outcome of severe malnourished surgical neoplasic patients.

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Emergency Hospital Floreasca


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