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Table 3 Quality of end-of-life care identified on the medical records of patients who died in intensive care units (N = 319)

From: Course and predictors of posttraumatic stress-related symptoms among family members of deceased ICU patients during the first year of bereavement

Quality indicator Prevalence
n %
Physician-family prognostic communication 288 90.28
Family meetings conducted 68 21.32
Palliative care provided 235 73.67
Social worker involvement 27 8.46
Do-not-resuscitate order issued 307 96.27
Death without cardiopulmonary resuscitation 299 93.73
Withdrawal of life-sustaining treatmentsa 66 20.69
Death with full life supportb 253 79.31
Family presence at patient’s death 245 76.90
Family satisfaction with EOL care in ICUsc Mean SD
FS-ICU Care subscale 67.14 16.30
FS-ICU Decision-Making subscale 76.20 14.76
  1. aLife-sustaining treatments included intubation with mechanical ventilation support, vasopressors, hemodialysis, enteral and/or parenteral hydration and nutrition, antibiotics, and transfusion of blood products
  2. bWithout orders to withdraw any life support
  3. cMeasured by the Family Satisfaction in the Intensive Care Unit questionnaire (FS-ICU)