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Table 3 Subphenotype-specific treatment response in the reanalyses of outcomes in four different clinical ARDS trials

From: ARDS Subphenotypes: Understanding a Heterogeneous Syndrome

Intervention/trial cohort analyzed   Hypoinflammatory subphenotype response Hyperinflammatory subphenotype response
Outcome Intervention Control Intervention Control
High vs. low PEEP/ ALVEOLI* [27] 90-day mortality 24% high PEEP 16% low PEEP 42% high PEEP 51% low PEEP
Conservative vs. liberal fluid strategy/ FACCT* [29] 90-day mortality 18% conservative fluid strategy 26% liberal fluid strategy 50% conservative fluid strategy 40% liberal fluid strategy
Simvastatin/ HARP-2 [40] 28-day survival No difference Improved survival with simvastatin (p = 0.008)
Rosuvastatin/SAILS [41] 90-day mortality No difference No difference
  1. PEEP positive end-expiratory pressure; p value <0.05 for interaction between treatment and subphenotype