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Table 4 AKI statistics

From: Impact of a computerized decision support tool deployed in two intensive care units on acute kidney injury progression and guideline compliance: a prospective observational study

Metric Control (n = 2523) Intervention (n = 2521) p value
Admitted with AKI 163 138 0.14
Developed AKI in ICU 855 732 0.00021
Discharged with AKI 242 188 0.0066
Max AKI Stage 1 671 588 0.0073
Max AKI Stage 2 272 229 0.044
Max AKI Stage 3 75 53 0.049
  1. The table shows AKI statistics for control and intervention cohort with p values. The first three rows are the number of admissions with AKI at admission and discharge. The last three rows show the number of admissions with maximum AKI during ICU stay with that AKI stage. Statistically significant p values are indicated in italics. See ‘Results’ section for more details