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Table 1 Secondary outcomes and definition

From: Impact of a computerized decision support tool deployed in two intensive care units on acute kidney injury progression and guideline compliance: a prospective observational study

Outcome Definition
AKI at admission The first AKI stage computed within 6 h of ICU admission was used as the AKI stage at admission since creatinine and urine output measurements prior to ICU admission were unavailable. If this value was 1 or greater, the encounter was labeled as having AKI at ICU admission
AKI at discharge The last measured value of urine output or serum creatinine was used to calculate AKI stage and this value was used as the AKI stage at discharge
Maximum AKI The maximum value of AKI stage during each encounter was calculated and used to assess AKI score distribution
Maximum AKI per day The maximum AKI stage per 24-h period in an ICU stay was calculated and used to estimate the prevalence of AKI in each ICU day. This was done for the first 5 days of ICU admission. Encounters with AKI at admission (as defined above) were excluded from this analysis
  1. The table lists secondary outcomes for the study and their definition. Results of these outcomes are described in ‘Results’ section