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Table 1 Clinical characteristics and outcomes of patients

From: Prone positioning combined with high-flow nasal or conventional oxygen therapy in severe Covid-19 patients

Case no.GenderAge (years)SAPS II score at admissionVentilatory supportBMI (kg.m−2)Duration of prone positioning (hours)PaO2/FiO2 before prone positionPaO2/FiO2 after prone positionIntubation
1Male6027HFNO 50 L/min277144254Yes
2Male5432COT 6 L/min271215147No
    HFNO 50 L/min 1129156 
3Male5526HFNO 50 L/min2616126194No
    HFNO 50 L/min 16183162 
4Male6637COT 5 L/min314150242Yes
5Male6128COT 3 L/min211274225Yes
    COT 3 L/min 2193124 
6Male6436COT 5 L/min272212168No
  1. FiO2 with COT was calculated using the following formula: FiO2 = 21 + (4 × oxygen flow rate in L min−1)
  2. BMI body mass index, HFNO high-flow nasal oxygen, COT conventional oxygen therapy