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Table 2 Logistic regression, associations between subphenotype 2 membership and outcomes

From: Two subphenotypes of septic acute kidney injury are associated with different 90-day mortality and renal recovery

 Unadjusted OR (95% CI)p valueAdjusted* OR (95% CI)p value
Renal recovery on day 50.49 (0.31–0.78)0.0030.47 (0.27–0.79)0.005
90-day mortality1.64 (1.01–2.67)0.0451.83 (1.05–3.24)0.035
  1. Description: ORs are for subphenotype 2 vs. subphenotype 1
  2. *Adjusted for age, sex, liver failure, modified SOFA score, APACHE II, and KDIGO AKI stage