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Table 1 Subject characteristics

From: Alveolar MMP28 is associated with clinical outcomes and measures of lung injury in acute respiratory distress syndrome

CharacteristicARDS cohort
(n = 76)
 Age (mean ± SD)50 ± 16
 Sex (M/F)45/31
 Diabetes16 (22%)
 Cirrhosis5 (7%)
 Chronic renal insufficiency2 (3%)
ARDS risk factor*, n (%)
 Sepsis48 (64%)
 Pneumonia31 (41%)
 Trauma27 (37%)
 Other8 (11%)
 P/F Ratio (median, IQR)156, (121–205)
 APACHE II (mean ± SD)22 ± 7
 VFDs (median, IQR)14, (0–21)
 Mortality (28-day) (n, %)11, 20%
  1. *ARDS risk factors are not mutually exclusive; APACHE Acute Physiology, Age, Chronic Health Evaluation, ARDS acute respiratory distress syndrome, IQR interquartile range, P/F ratio PaO2/FiO2 ratio, SD standard deviation, VFDs ventilator-free days—defined as the number of days a subject is alive and free from mechanical ventilation between day 1 and day 28 after enrollment. If a subject died before day 28, they were considered to have VFDs = 0