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Table 4 Multivariate analyses of factors associated with ICU mortality

From: Association between hydroxocobalamin administration and acute kidney injury after smoke inhalation: a multicenter retrospective study

ICU mortality
VariableAdjusted odds ratioLCIUCIp
Age1.0371.0231.05<  0.001
Prehospital cardiac arrest1.0910.0717.1260.95
Severe burn4.7922.6658.617<  0.001
SOFA score at admission1.0740.9421.2250.283
Admission plasma lactate1.2561.1541.366<  0.001
Vasopressors at admission1.5710.7373.3460.241
Prehospital GCS1.0330.9611.110.383
SAPS21.0391.021.059<  0.001
Interaction between prehospital cardiac arrest and hydroxocobalamin6.3270.354112.9930.209
  1. ICU intensive care unit, LCI lower confidence interval, UCI upper confidence interval, p p value, SOFA score sequential organ failure assessment score, GCS Glasgow coma scale, SAPS2 simplified acute physiology score 2