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Table 4 Association between severe cumulative fluid overload and development of expiratory flow limitation according to univariate logistic regression analysis

From: Expiratory flow limitation in intensive care: prevalence and risk factors

VariablesCrude odds ratio95%CIp value
CFO ≥ 10%
 1st to 2nd ICU day of stay3.91.4–10.90.011
CFO ≥ 10%
 1st to 3rd ICU day of stay3.11.1–8.50.030
AKI in ICU2.20.8–6.00.796
Septic shock2.50.9–6.80.077
  1. CFO cumulative fluid overload, AKI acute kidney injury, ICU intensive care unit, AHRF acute hypoxaemic respiratory failure, ARDS acute respiratory distress syndrome