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Table 1 (abstract P035). See text for description

From: 39th International Symposium on Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine

Pharmacokinetic parameters 480 mg single dose (n=5) 960 mg single dose (n=8) 3 mg/kg Q2W* (predicted value)
Cmax, mean (SD), μg/mL 132 (39.5) 195 (46.9)  
C28d, n 4 5  
C28d, median (range), μg/mL 14.3 (6.51-40.1) 33.1 (6.47-44.8)  
Ceoi at steady state**, μg/mL    117 (56.4-239)
Cmin at steady state**, μg/mL    57.7 (19.0-163)
  1. *Predicted values calculated from a population pharmacokinetic model (n=1000) based on ten clinical studies that included 187 Japanese cancer patients. **Median (90% prediction interval). C28d, serum drug concentration on Day 28; Ceoi, end of infusion drug concentration; Cmax, maximum (peak) serum drug concentration; Cmin, minimum (trough) serum drug concentration; SD, standard deviation; Q2W, every two weeks