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Table 3 Summary of findings

From: Carbonic anhydrase inhibitors in patients with respiratory failure and metabolic alkalosis: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials

Outcomes Anticipated absolute effects (95% CI) Relative effect (95% CI) No. of participants (studies) Certainty of the evidence (GRADE)
Risk with control Risk with carbonic anhydrase
Duration of hospital stay (days)   The mean duration of hospital stay in the intervention group was 0.42 days more (4.82 fewer to 5.66 more) 117 (2 RCTs) LOWa
Duration of mechanical ventilation (h)   The mean duration of mechanical ventilation in the intervention group was 27.09 h lower (50.11 lower to 4.08 lower) 427 (2 RCTs) LOWb,c
Mortality 130 per 1000 122 per 1000 (74 to 202) RR 0.94 (0.57 to 1.56) 427 (2 RCTs) LOWa
Adverse events 78 per 1000 133 per 1000 (76 to 232) RR 1.71 (0.98 to 2.99) 508 (5 RCTs) MODERATEa
  1. Carbonic anhydrase inhibitors were compared with control for respiratory failure with metabolic alkalosis
  2. Patient or population: respiratory failure with metabolic alkalosis
  3. Intervention: carbonic anhydrase inhibitors
  4. Comparison: control
  5. CI confidence interval, RCT randomized controlled trial, RR risk ratio
  6. a Wide confidence intervals, very serious imprecision
  7. b Wide confidence intervals, serious imprecision
  8. c We extrapolated mean and standard deviation from the median and interquartile ranges reported in the trial