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Table 5 The main studies describing the effectiveness/limitations of the Cytosorb cartridge

From: Extracorporeal techniques for the treatment of critically ill patients with sepsis beyond conventional blood purification therapy: the promises and the pitfalls

  Schädler et al. 2013 [51] Friesecke et al. 2017 [50] Schädler et al. 2017 [52] Kogelmann et al. 2017 [49]
Study design Multicenter, open label, RCT Prospective interventional single center Multicenter, open label, RCT Case series
Study population (n) 43 septic patients with ALI 25 septic shock patients 97 septic patients with ALI or ARDS 16 septic shock patients
IL-6 assessment (pg/ml) > 1000 Average of 565
Prescribed dose ST vs ST + HP (6 h/day for 7 days) One session in the pre-filter mode. Further treatments at the discretion of the study physicians HP vs no HP (6 h/day for up to 7 days)
RRT as clinically indicated in both groups
HP in the pre-filter mode (1–5 treatments)
Timing Within 24 h < 24 to > 48 h (outcomes better in the early group)
Survival 28-day mortality 28% in the treatment group vs 24% in the controls (p = 0.84)
60-day mortality (39% in the treatment group vs 32% the controls (p = 0.75)
28-day mortality 36.2% in the treatment group vs 18.0% in the controls (p = 0.073)
60-day mortality of 44.7% in the treatment group vs 26.0% in the controls (p = 0.039)
The actual 28-day, ICU, and hospital mortality was 61.54%, 73.08%, and 80.77%, respectively, compared with 89.9% as predicted by APACHE II score
Hemodynamics Significant reduction in VP requirements compared to baseline Significant reduction in VP requirements compared with baseline
Other results Significant reduction in IL-6 Significant reduction in IL-6 IL-6 reduction in the HP group compared with no HP
Safety Modest reduction in platelet count (< 10%) and albumin (< 5%) No AE 1 drop in platelets in the treatment group No AE
  1. RCT randomized controlled trial, ALI acute lung injury, ARDS acute respiratory distress syndrome, IL interleukin, ICU intensive care unit, AE adverse event, ST standard therapy, HP hemoperfusion, RRT renal replacement therapy, APACHE II Acute Physiology and Chronic Health Evaluation II, VP vasopressor