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Table 2 The primary endpoint and secondary efficacy endpoints

From: Blind bedside postpyloric placement of spiral tube as rescue therapy in critically ill patients: a prospective, tricentric, observational study

Endpoints Value in total study sample
(n = 127)
Primary endpoint
 Postpyloric placementa 104 (81.9)
Secondary endpoints
 Placed at D3b or beyond 70 (55.1)
 Placed at the proximal jejunum 43 (33.9)
 Time to insertion, min 14 (10–15)
 Number of attempts 1.4 ± 0.6
 Length of insertion, cm 95.6 ± 9.3
  1. Quantitative variables are presented as mean ± SD or median (IQR) as appropriate and qualitative variables as numbers (percentage)
  2. aPostpyloric placement, reaching the first portion of the duodenum or beyond
  3. bD3 is the third portion of the duodenum