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Table 2 Multivariable analysis to identify the independent predictors of ICU mortality and unfavorable outcome

From: The impact of extracerebral organ failure on outcome of patients after cardiac arrest: an observational study from the ICON database

Variable p value OR 95 % CI
Predictors of ICU mortality
 SAPS II score on admission <0.001 1.047 1.025–1.069
 Lactate max, mEq/L 0.004 1.093 1.029–1.161
 Renal failure on admission 0.011 2.413 1.220–4.774
 Severe sepsis during ICU stay 0.022 0.537 0.316–0.912
Predictors of unfavorable outcome
 SAPS II on admission <0.001 1.107 1.077–1.138
 MV on admission 0.020 3.787 1.234–11.628
 CNS-SOFA on admission <0.001 4.237 3.097–5.796
  1. CI confidence interval, CNS central nervous system, ICU intensive care unit, Lactate max maximal lactate levels within the first 24 h after ICU admission, MV mechanical ventilation, OR odds ratio, SAPS Simplified Acute Physiological Score, SOFA Sequential Organ Failure Assessment