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Table 3 Optimization of ventilator parameters required for aerosolization of antibiotics modified from Lu et al. [121]

From: Fundamentals of aerosol therapy in critical care

• Nebulizer placement—in the inspiratory limb 10 cm proximal to Y-piece  
• Diluted in 10 ml saline  
• Remove HME filter  
• Ventilation mode—volume controlled  
• Airflow pattern—constant inspiratory flow  
• Ventilator settings—RR 12/minute, 50 % I: E ratio, VT 8 ml/kg  
• End-inspiratory pause, 20 % duty cycle  
• Delivered over 60 minutes  
• Expired aerosolized particles collected in a filter  
  1. HME heat and moisture exchanger, RR respiratory rate, I:E inspiratory: expiratory ratio, VT tidal volume