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Table 1 FDA‐approved non‐invasive non‐traditional biosensors available and previously used by us

From: Predicting cardiorespiratory instability

Sensor name Parameters measured Manufacturer
Trendcare Multiparameter Tissue PCO2, PO2, pH Diametrics Medical
CritiView CRV3 Mitochondrial function (NADH2 fluorescence), microcirculatory blood flow, volume and oxygenation CritiSence Inc.
InSpectra Tissue O2 saturation Hutchinson Industry
CV InSight Vascular tone iNTELOMED
Microscan Microcirculatory flow Microvision Medical
Cytoscan Microcirculatory flow Cytometrics
Clearsight finger plethysmograph Blood pressure and cardiac output Edwards Lifesciences
CNAP finger plethysmograph Blood pressure and cardiac output cnsystems
NICOM Cardiac output, stroke volume variation, thoracic fluid Cheetah Medical
Navigator‐1 Mean systemic pressure, cardiac power Applied Physiology