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Table 2 Pathological diagnosis of patients with ARDS who had open lung biopsy (n = 101)

From: Diffuse alveolar damage associated mortality in selected acute respiratory distress syndrome patients with open lung biopsy

Pathological diagnosis Number (%)
DAD 57 (56 %)
DAD only 41
Infectious disease 11
Interstitial lung disease 2
Miscellaneous 3
Non-DAD 44 (44 %)
Infectious disease 11*
Interstitial lung disease 18
Miscellaneous 16
  1. All values are expressed as number of patients (%) or mean ± SD. *One pathology result included both pneumocystis jiroveci pneumonia and cytomegalovirus pneumonia. Abbreviations: ARDS Acute respiratory distress syndrome; DAD diffuse alveolar damage