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Archived Comments for: Propofol increases morbidity and mortality in a rat model of sepsis

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  1. Propofol dose.

    Kieran Donnelly, NHS

    30 November 2015

    Could the dose of propofol used here not have significantly contributed to the higher mortality seen in the propfol group?

    The standard infusion for sedation upon the ITU - as found in the BNF - is 0.3–4 mg/kg/hour. This study used significantly greater infusion rates -  7-20 mg/kh/hour. Whilst creatine kinase levels remained similar, we must consider that propofol infusion syndrome can occur after 48 hours at a rate of 4 mg/kg/hour.

    Do investigators know if (and how?) propofol infusion syndrome would present after 24 hours of propofol infusion at 20mg/kg/hour in a rat?

    Whilst initially interesting, the infusion rates used here rather undercut any conclusions that can be drawn.

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