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Table 4 Neuro-surgical events in the ICU in severely brain-injured patients

From: Effects of tight computerized glucose control on neurological outcome in severely brain injured patients: a multicenter sub-group analysis of the randomized-controlled open-label CGAO-REA study

  Control group IIT group P value
Number = 98 Number = 90
Patients presenting at least one episode of ICP ≥25 mmHg during ICP monitoring 17 (17.3) 23 (25.5) 0.20
Administration of mannitol during ICU 19 (19.4) 28 (31.1) 0.06*
Barbiturates use during ICU 9 (9.2) 14 (15.6) 0.20
  1. Specific neuro-surgical events in the ICU in a sub-group analysis of severely brain-injured patients in two university hospitals of the CGAO-REA study. Categorical data are expressed as number (%) and analyzed with χ2 test. ICP: intra-cerebral pressure; IIT: intensive insulin therapy.