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Table 1 KDIGO serum creatinine classification of acute kidney injury[24]

From: Three-year risk of cardiovascular disease among intensive care patients with acute kidney injury: a population-based cohort study

Stage Serum creatinine criteria
1 1.5-1.9 times baseline
≥ 26.5 5 μmol/l (0.3 mg/dl) increase within 48 hoursa
2 2.0-2.9 times baseline
3 ≥ 3.0 times baseline
Increase in serum creatinine to ≥ 354 μmol/l (4.0 mg/dl)b
Initiation of renal replacement therapy
  1. aWe defined 48 hours as two calendar days; btogether with fulfillment of any of the other criteria for acute kidney injury. KDIGO, Kidney Disease Improving Global Outcomes.