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Acid-base model


The page focuses on anaesthesia based issues. There is a link to an acid-base program where you have the choice of two differently laid out models to manipulate. There is a comprehensive list of acid-base disorders, and there is even a link to watch a talk based on the Henderson-Hasslebank equation. Other features of this site include the 'Javaman' project. This is a computer model of human physiology with vascular and respiratory system models. The initial aim of this model is to find the different effects of recovery manoeuvres following apnoea. The site also has a list of lectures by David Sainsbury, many of which are of relevance to critical care specialists.


This is a personal web page of outstanding standard. It is written by an intensivist for intensivists. The site is fairly small and so extremely easy to navigate. Some of the Javaman program is still under construction, but the program looks promising. The lectures consist of a slideshow with clear, well set out diagrams and accompanying explanations. Perhaps they would be of more use were they greater in quantity (at present there are roughly 15).

Other comments

This site is still being developed and so is being regularly updated at present (last update 11 January 2000).


The site, including all models, is available free of charge.

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