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Free web version of Hypertox 3.8©

  • Giuseppe Nattino
Critical Care19993:webreport121

Published: 13 June 1999


A free web version of Hypertox 3.8© is available online.Toxic substances are listed in alphabetic order, with the following information:

  • mechanism of toxic effects

  • kinetics in overdose

  • clinical effects

  • investigations

  • differential diagnosis

  • determination of severity

  • treatment

  • late complications

  • references and suggested further reading


Hypertox 3.8© is a program designed for the ward management of toxic emergencies.Most, but not all, of the modules and functions of the shareware version are available online.

Other comments

19 June 1998


The web version is free. There is no charge to download the shareware versions.A registration price is charged to download the palm-pilot versions.


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