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Baseline audit of manipulation and management of intravenous therapy delivery systems

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We are developing local evidence-based guidelines on the management of intravenous delivery systems in a 14-bedded Teaching Hospital General ICU1. A baseline audit was carried out to assess current practice prior to the publication of our proposed guidelines, and re-audit.


We performed an observational audit of the setup or change of an intravenous infusion and the management of intravenous delivery systems. ICU staff were aware that an observational audit was in progress but blind to what was being observed. The observations were carried out over a three-week period.


See Table.


Practice is short of the stringent care necessary to avoid infection related to the delivery of intravenous therapy. The lack of consistency is also an issue. This audit highlighted the need for clinical guidelines and also the value of clinical audit of practice. Guidelines will now be introduced and developed in the light of appraisal of evidence, further audit and user feedback.

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Martinsen, C., Hughes, A. & Smithies, M. Baseline audit of manipulation and management of intravenous therapy delivery systems. Crit Care 4, P220 (2000).

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