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Table 1 Chest x-ray scoring system for quantification of pulmonary edema

From: Extravascular lung water index measurement in critically ill children does not correlate with a chest x-ray score of pulmonary edema

Score (points) Edema severity scoring
0 normal
10 mild pulmonary vascular congestion
20 moderate pulmonary vascular congestion
30 severe pulmonary vascular congestion
40 interstitial edema without septal lines
45 interstitial edema with septal lines
50 mixed interstitial and alveolar edema with some sparing of pulmonary region
55 mixed interstitial and alveolar edema involving entire region
60 alveolar edema with sparing of pulmonary region
65 alveolar edema involving entire pulmonary region
  1. Based upon Halperin et al [25].