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Archived Comments for: Red cell transfusion triggers in critically ill patients: time for some new TRICCs?

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  1. A single center retrospective study is a poor match for a multicenter prospective randomized controlled trial

    Nathaniel Usoro, University of Calabar, Nigeria

    24 February 2011

    A single center retrospective cohort study cannot rationally be used to overturn the findings and conclusions of a multicenter prospective randomised controlled trial supported by several other studies (Marik & Corwin, 2008). Using such a study to support blood transfusion, a war-time practice that crept into civilian medicine 'through the back door' so to speak, and that is obviously on the way out courtesy of Evidence Based Medicine, is like using retrospective data to prove that analogue technology is superior to digital. New TRICCs or no, blood transfusion remains a hazardous treatment of unproven efficacy and proven adverse outcome (Rawn, 2008). It may yet turn out to be the biggest scandal in modern medical practice.

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