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CPR team members' attitudes towards family presence during cardiopulmonary resuscitation


The concerns about allowing family members to be present during resuscitation are a matter of debate in many countries. The purpose of this study was to determine the opinions of Iranian health-care providers about family-witnessed resuscitations.


The study population consisted of CPR team members in four teaching hospitals. We developed a questionnaire, assessing their opinions, using 20 questions and also considering their comments.


Of the total 200 participants, 77% oppose family-witnessed resuscitation. There was no significant difference among opponents about FWR based on sex, age, number of CPR exposures and the experience of respondents (P > 0.05). Emergency physicians were more likely advocates for FWR than other specialties (P = 0.004). All of the anesthesiologists opposed FWR. Most reasons for opposition were fear of psychological trauma to family members, interference with patient care, increased staff stress and violation with patient confidentiality.


CPR team members in Iran do not believe in the presence of relatives during resuscitation. Informing healthcare providers on the benefit of witnessed resuscitation and public education of CPR would be a fundamental element for implementing a formal program.


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