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Archived Comments for: Sepsis-associated microvascular dysfunction measured by peripheral arterial tonometry: an observational study

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  1. Erratum

    Joshua Davis, Menzies School of Health Research

    17 June 2010

    I am sorry to report that, in reading over the published manuscript, I found the following error which I wish to point out – it does not significantly alter the meaning of the paper

    Page 6, Results, Longitudinal changes in RH-PAT and L-arginine.
    “Mean plasma L-arginine concentrations increased from baseline to day 2 to 4 (95% CI: 38.2 to 49.9 µmol/L)” – should say: . . . (Mean [95% CI]: 38.2 µmol/L [33.7-42.6] to 49.9 [39.2-60.6], p=0.01).

    Dr Joshua Davis

    Competing interests

    I have no competing interests apart from the fact that I am the first author of the paper