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Table 5 Patient factors in vignettes and predicted problems with self-care, univariable analyses

From: Results from the national sepsis practice survey: predictions about mortality and morbidity and recommendations for limitation of care orders

  Univariable analyses
  Percentage point increase in predicted problems with self-care in six months (95% confidence interval) P value
70 years old
(versus 50 years old)
(14.0 to 18.1)
(versus no cancer)
(11.3 to 15.7)
BMI 40 kg/m2
(versus 22 kg/m2)
(9.2 to 12.6)
Respondent age (per decade of age) -4.5
(-6.5 to -2.5)
Respondent self-reported chronic health condition -7.3
(-11.8 to -2.8)
  1. Respondents were asked to predict the probability of each patient having difficulties with washing and dressing himself in six months, assuming the patient survived. Univariable estimates include only the variable indicated in the model. Analyses accounted for non-independence of responses due to respondents completing multiple vignettes.
  2. BMI = body mass index; NSCLC = non-small cell lung carcinoma.