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Table 1 Number of the factors scored with indication of the site where the factor was included

From: Risk factors for delirium in intensive care patients: a prospective cohort study

  n Community hospital (n = 210) Private hospital (n = 123) University hospital (n = 190)
domain patient characteristics
age in years (mean, SD) 523 X X X
age more than 65 years 523 X X X
gender masculine 523 X X X
living single at home 182 X   X
units of alcohol per day 230 X   X
daily use of alcohol 496 X X X
daily use of more than three units of alcohol 230 X   X
number of cigarettes per day 221 X   X
daily smoking 519 X X X
daily smoking of more than 10 cigarettes 217 X   X
domain chronic pathology
predisposing cognitive impairment 384 X X X
predisposing cardiac disease 265 X   X
predisposing pulmonary disease 262 X   X
domain acute illness
length of stay in the ICU before inclusion 523 X X X
   length of stay in the ICU before inclusion >1 day 523 X X X
   length of stay in the ICU before inclusion >2 days 523 X X X
admission for internal medicine 523 X X X
high risk of mortality (SAPS >40; APACHE > 24) 212 X   X
   APACHE II 120 X   X
   SAPS II 108 X   
highest TISS 28 score 179 X   X
mean TISS 28 179 X   X
TISS 28 cut off 30 (318 minutes) 279 X   X
psychoactive medication 424 X X X
   benzodiazepine 283 X X(low response) X
   morphine 287 X X(low response) X
   sedation 228 X X(low response) X
endotracheal tube or tracheastomy 390 X   X
gastric tube 395 X   X
bladder catheter 400 X   X
arterial catheter 398 X   X
number of perfusions 400 X   X
more than three perfusions 398 X   X
number of vascular catheters 400 X   X
no normal food 395 X   X
fever 397 X   X
domain environmental factors
admission via emergency room 377 X   X
admission via transfer 377 X   X
open room in intensive care 508 X X X
isolation 523 X X X
no visible daylight 523 X X X
no clock present or visible 523 X X X
number of visitors 256 X X X
no visit 269 X X X
physical restraints 292 X   X
  1. APACHE = Acute Physiology And Chronic Health Evaluation; ICU = intensive care unit; SAPS = Simplified Acute Physiology Score; SD = standard deviation; TISS 28 = The Therapeutic Intervention Scoring System-28.