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Figure 5

From: Bench-to-bedside review: Appropriate antibiotic therapy in severe sepsis and septic shock – does the dose matter?

Figure 5

Simulation of different administration schedules of 2 g daily vancomycin. Shown are simulated profiles of vancomycin daily plasma exposure achievable in a young male with normal renal function when administering the fixed 30 mg/kg per day dose separated into two or four intermittent infusions, or by continuous infusion (CI) after loading (loading dose [LD]). Simulation was performed using a two-compartment linear model by means of the Abbottbase Pharmacokinetic Systems program (PKS; v 1.10) from Abbott Laboratories Diagnostics Division. The dotted/dashed line refers to 10 mg/l. Reproduced with permission from Pea and coworkers [61]. CLCr, creatinine clearance; SCr, serum creatinine.

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