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Table 2 Coefficients of the fitted linear regression model.

From: An artificial intelligence tool to predict fluid requirement in the intensive care unit: a proof-of-concept study

Variables Estimate Standard error p value
Number of vasopressors 5.35e+02 2.38e+03 3.25e-06
Maximum heart rate (beats per minute) 1.12e+01 3.65 6.43e-09
Maximum haemoglobin (mg/L) 5.71e+01 8.76e+01 0.0021
Minimum haemoglobin (mg/L) -5.17e+02 9.36e+01 1.03e-10
Variance of haemoglobin (mg/L) -1.92e+02 4.72e+01 4.01e-08
Total fluid intake on day 1 (ml) 1.03e-01 2.14e-02 5.09e-05
Total fluid output on day 1 (ml) -1.99e-01 3.68e-02 1.50e-06
Most recent platelet count (×109/L) 1.19e+01 2.99 7.90e-08
Number of sedatives 2.74e+02 1.07e+02 7.73e-05
Age (years) -1.15e+01 4.68 0.0106
Mean platelet count (×109/L) 1.37e+01 2.97 4.17e-06
Minimum serum sodium (mEq/L) 1.68e+02 4.21e+01 7.27e-05
Most recent serum sodium (mEq/L) 8.33e+01 3.61+01 0.0212
Mean serum sodium (mEq/L) 1.67e+02 6.29e+01 0.0080