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Table 4 Arbitrary selection of trials investigating cost per quality-adjusted life year for a variety of interventions in the critically ill and in non-ICU patients

From: Health care costs, long-term survival, and quality of life following intensive care unit admission after cardiac arrest

Critically ill Costs per quality-adjusted life year
Hamel, et al. (2000) [36] Low-risk group (likelihood of surviving 2 months, >70%): 28,889 €
Mechanical ventilation for acute respiratory failure due to pneumonia or Adult Respiratory Distress Syndrome versus mechanical ventilation withheld Medium-risk group (likelihood of surviving 2 months, 51% to 70%): 43,832 €
  High-risk group (likelihood of surviving 2 months, <50%): 109,582 €
Hamel, et al. (1997) [37] Average costs: 143,742 €
Initiating dialysis and continuing aggressive care in seriously ill patients versus withholding renal support therapy Best prognostic category: 69,404 €
  Worst prognostic category: 307,329 €
Paniagua, et al. (2002) [38] Quality of life estimated: 84,365 €
Cardiopulmonary resuscitation for in-hospital cardiac arrest in octogenarians followed by aggressive treatment  
Non-ICU patients  
CDC Diabetes Cost-effectiveness Group (2002) [39] Intensive glycemic control: 42,463 €
Reducing complications in patients with type 2 diabetes using various interventions Reducing serum cholesterol level: 53,242 €
  Intensified hypertension control saves 2,010 €
Wonderling, et al. (2004) [40] 13,311 €
Acupuncture for chronic headache in primary care versus usual care only  
Brunner-La Rocca, et al. (2007) [41] 40,467 €
Drug-eluting stents versus bare-metal stents in percutaneous coronary interventions  
  1. All costs are converted in 2004 Euro (€) with 3% annual discount (1 US $ = 0.81 Euro; 1 British pound = 1.45 Euro). Note that underlying methods for assessing costs and relevant outcomes as well as follow-up period vary considerably. ICU, intensive care unit.