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Archived Comments for: Exogenous nitric oxide requires an endothelial glycocalyx to prevent postischemic coronary vascular leak in guinea pig hearts

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  1. Many facets of NO

    Heikki Savolainen, Dept. of Occup.Safety & Health, Tampere, Finland

    31 July 2008

    NO is a party of many redox reactions. Therefore, it is a powerful physiological mediator. In case of hypoxia or ischemia, all of the NO-mediated reactions may not be regarded beneficial. Among these one may name the vasodilatation and competition with molecular oxygen for its binding site in the terminal cytochrome oxidase in the mitochondria. It is competetively inhibited at 100-340 nM NO (1).

    Another aspect is that the proteoglycans which maintain the integrity of the inner vessel wall also participate in many other functions, like coagulation (2). Therefore, the treatment aimed at them, while promising, must be regarded experimental.

    1 Antunes F, Boveris A, Cadenas E. Proc Ntl Acad Sci. 2004; 101: 16774

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