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Table 1 Definitions

From: Clinical review: Medication errors in critical care

Medical error The failure of a planned action to be completed as intended or the use of a wrong plan to achieve an aim [2].
Medication error Any error in the medication process, whether there are adverse consequences or not [10].
Adverse drug event Any injury related to the use of a drug [77]. Not all adverse drug events are caused by medical error, nor do all medication errors result in an adverse drug event [26].
Preventable adverse event Harm that could be avoided through reasonable planning or proper execution of an action [6].
Near miss The occurrence of an error that did not result in harm [6].
Slip A failure to execute an action due to a routine behavior being misdirected [17].
Lapse A failure to execute an action due to lapse in memory and a routine behavior being omitted [17].
Mistake A knowledge-based error due to an incorrect thought process or analysis [17].
Error of omission Failure to perform an appropriate action [6].
Error of commission Performing an inappropriate action [6].