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Table 2 Major equipment items used by US Air Force Critical Care Air Transport Teams to provide critical care in flight

From: Clinical review: Critical care transport and austere critical care

Aircraft used Medications
   C-17, C-130, KC-135, C-9, C-21, others as available/required    Cardiac/Antihypertensives
Electricity Phentolamine
   Converted from aircraft electrical system Isoproterenol
Oxygen Diltiazem
   Built-in aircraft oxygen system (C-17); portable liquid or compressed oxygen on others    Toxicology
Medications Naloxone
   Antibiotics Glucagon
Vancomycin    Pulmonary medications
Cefazolin Albuterol sulfate metered dose inhaler (MDI)
Ceftriaxone Ipratropium bromide MDI
Clindamycin Racepinephrine
Gentamycin    Miscellaneous
Levofloxicin Mannitol
Amoxicillin/Clavulanate Albunim
Ampicillin/Sulbactam Promethazine
Piperacillin/Tazobactam Metoclopramide
   Vasopressors/Inotropes/Antiarrhythmics Cimetidine
Dopamine Ranitidine
Dobutamine Potassium chloride
Lidocaine Magnesium sulfate
Epinephrine Diphenhydramine
Noepinephrine Sodium polystyrene
Vasopressin Phenytoin
Phenylephrine Methylprednisolone
Digoxin Dexamethasone
Adenosine    Advanced cardiac life support (ACLS)
Procainamide All medications specified to under ACLS protocol
Amiodarone Supplies
   Sedatives/Analgesics/Paralytics    Crystalloid and colloid IV fluid and tubing
Propofol    Central venous and arterial access kits
Midazolam    Chest tube insertion kits and pluerovax
Lorazepam    Nasopharyngeal, oral, laryngeal mask, and endotrachial airways
Haloperidol    with intubation supplies
Etomidate    Cricothyrotomy kits
Meperidine    Portable intracranial pressure monitor
Morphine sulfate    Foley catheters
Fentanyl    Sterile gowns and gloves
Acetaminophen    Wound dressing supplies
Ketorolac    Ventilator circuits, heat/moisture exchangers, and EtCO2 (end-tidal carbon dioxide) monitoring supplies
Succinylcholine Laboratory
   Cardiac/Antihypertensives    i-STAT blood analyzer (i-STAT Corporation, East Windsor, NJ, USA)
Nitroglycerine spray and IV Major equipment items
Nitroprusside    Three Impact 754 ventilators (Impact Instrumentation, Inc., West Caldwell, NJ, USA)
Heparin    Three Welch Allyn Propaq 206 EL physiologic monitors (Welch Allyn, Skaneateles, NY, USA)
Verapamil    One Zoll CCT monitor/defibrillator/external pacemaker (ZOLL Medical Corporation, Chelmsford, MA, USA)
Metoprolol    Three Impact 326 suction machines (Impact Instrumentation, Inc.)
Furosemide    Three triple-channel IV pumps