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Effects of mannitol and melatonin on magnetic resonance imaging findings in secondary brain damage


This study attempts to compare the effects of mannitol and melatonin on traumatic secondary brain damage with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) findings.


In this study we used 12 New Zealand rabbits whose weight range was 2,000–2,500 g. After the subjects were injected with anesthesia, they were subjected to head trauma with the Feeney method. Three hours after the trauma, their MRI scans were taken. The subjects were divided into two groups as the mannitol group and the melatonin group. After the first MRI results were taken, 20% mannitol at the rate of 2 g/kg was given to the mannitol group and melatonin at a rate of 100 mg/kg was given to the melatonin group. Thirty-six hours after the trauma, the MRI findings were taken again. The MRI images before and after the trauma were compared. The 36-hour MRI results of the melatonin and mannitol groups were also compared against each other.


When the findings of 36-hour MRI results were compared with those taken 3 hours after the trauma in the melatonin group, it was found that the ventricular pressure and parenchyma edema, the parenchyma protrusion developed, and those contusion findings got heavier. The symptoms in the MRI images taken 36 hours later in the mannitol group were found to have developed slightly. A significant difference was found between the melatonin and mannitol groups' findings in the MRI images taken 36 hours after the trauma.


In decreasing traumatic secondary brain damage, mannitol is better than melatonin.


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