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Figure 1

From: Inhibition of the RAGE products increases survival in experimental models of severe sepsis and systemic infection

Figure 1

Modulation of receptor for advanced glycation end products (RAGE) protects mice from the effects of cecal ligation and puncture (CLP). Kaplan-Meier survival analysis following CLP comparing wild-type RAGE+/+ 129SvEvBrd mice (n = 15), RAGE-/- mice (n = 15), RAGE+/- mice (n = 23), and anti-RAGE monoclonal antibody-treated (15 mg/kg intravenously 30 to 60 minutes before CLP) wild-type mice (n = 15). P < 0.001 for each group in comparison with the wild-type CLP control group. Sham surgery-treated wild-type 129SvEvBrd mice (n = 5) were used as an additional control group. WT, wild-type.

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